#15 On Having a Rockstar Boyfriend



Last night, he asked me to come to one of his gigs.

“C’mon you’ll love it” he said.

And I do, I do. I love to see him on stage, strumming that guitar, banging his head to the melody, singing—Him on stage is what I love the most. But you see, I’m much of a jealous girlfriend. I’m selfish. I don’t like to share my man to another hundreds of girls out there, hundreds that are possibly better,  prettier, more… everything, than me.

“I… don’t think I can…”

Just as I was going to spill out my excuse, he held my hands and brought them to his mouth and—to my pleasant surprise—kissed it.

“Are you having those weird thoughts again?” he said in ‘that’ voice, you know that when he lowers his tone so his voice sounds like 10 times huskier that his usual voice? Yeah that.

“I-I’m not… I’m just—“

He kissed my knuckles. “Don’t you know I can perform a hundred times better when I imagined you on the audience? Now imagine if you REALLY ARE in the audience. So please? Help me give my best performance for tonight?”

I sighed. Now I can never resist that. He’s using that begging tone and puppy-eyes again, how do you expect me to resist that?

“Fine… But I’ll stay at the back…” I said.

Then come the hugs. I can feel my feet were lifted off of the ground as his arms wrapped around me so tight, I laughed. He laughed. He kissed me. And I kissed him back. Our form of reassurance.


Long story short the show started, a little bit late but the hype is still crazy. I stood here, in the ocean of girls screaming his name and he stood there, on the stage, flawlessly. Now I remember why I loved him on the first place—Him on stage is what I love the most. You can clearly see how much he loved music as he strummed the life out of that strings with those godly fingers of him. And that voice, oh God don’t get me started with that voice. It was perfect.

And as he did the last encore stage, as the curtains closed, as the crowd screamed his name, I smiled and say to myself; “That’s my man”

I have never been more in love before.


nowplaying: Taylor Swift – Superstar 

—F. S



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