#16 A Lover’s Bucket List


List of things I wanted to do with you includes helping you shave your stubbles in the morning before you go to work,

Or taking you to eat in a street-food stall on Saturday night

And adopt a kitten,

Go buy veggies and lots of instant food supplies (as we both have acknowledged our undying love for instant food) on the nearest grocery store

Midnight-drive to the nearest fast food restaurant for a fried chicken and coke cause we’re hungry and don’t care about the world

Goes window shopping and help you pick a new shirt and tie,

And you’ll help me choose a new shade for my lipstick collection

And then maybe we’ll raid bookstores (please be patient with me on this one, cause I tend to get super indecisive when it comes to choosing which book I’m going to buy)

Spending our weekend together; you, watching your favorite superhero movies while I’m reading a freshly bought book with my head on your lap

Then we might as well tried one of those instagram recipes I’ve been showing you all week,

While we danced to random music on your playlist on the kitchen



– An on-going list

—F. S


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