#31 Letters to No One

Dear No One,

Can I call you No One? It’s kinda bizarre I know, but since I don’t even know your face or how you looked like in general, you’re practically a mere idea inside my head. You’re not anyone in particular, thus you’re No One.

How are you, No One? I hope everything’s fine with you wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Everything’s fine with me, just in case you’re wondering. I just finished my thesis, thankfully, on time and currently enjoying every second on my sweet, sweet procrastination. I got nothing coming up except maybe the responsibility to make money on my own. Yes, I have to get a job, eventually.

But it’s nothing to worry about, I’ll get that under control. Hopefully.

You know, writing this to you seems a little funny because I feel like I’m writing to myself. Or maybe I am? Am I using you as an excuse to have a conversation with myself without the fear of being labeled as ‘insane’?

Wait, how do we even know we’re sane at the first place?

I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me the answer for that question?

Write me back, I wanna hear from you.

Sincerely yours,



Dear No One,

Here I am again, knitting letters and words aimed for you though I never know if I’ll ever get a reply or not. You’re so mysterious; I can’t help but keep writing to you. So… I guess, that’s why I’m here again.

It’s 3.41 am where I am. I can’t sleep. No, I’m not an insomniac, it’s just another day with sleeping difficulty because of too much movie and internet before bed. I have just finished one later this night, in fact. A movie, I mean.

The movie… ah, the movie. The movie is great! Let me tell you, it’s so good I cried at some parts. Well, it’s not actually a surprise though, I am such a crybaby sometimes. But seriously, it was great. Do you want to watch it? I’ll send you the link if you want to.

Anyway, I think what makes me adore that movie so much is how it captures stories in a city that is as fast-paced and as ruthless as this capital. I always loved this capital, don’t you know? Nth-hundred thousand humans inside, this city is not only filled with cars and motorbikes and air pollution but also, stories. Stories are scattered everywhere in this city; inside the hollow homes of the elites, all over the street and small alleys, in the building of the so-called parliament, on every seat of taxis, buses, Ubers and Grabs and Gojeks, inside the tents of street seafood stall, in every bakmi bowls… everywhere. It crowds the city. Buzzing through its every nooks and crannies. Making it alive.

And that is exactly why I love this city and every bit of its captivating complexity.

What about you, No One? What city do you love the most? Please do tell me the next time you decided to reply this letter, okay?

Curiously yours,



Dear No One,

It’s finally raining today!

It hasn’t rained since the last two weeks and the weather are starting to irritate me. I hate heat. I don’t like summer. I love rain, as cliché as it might sound.

Don’t you think rain is beautiful? It’s like, Mother Nature decided to give Earth a bath so that he can clean whatever dust and dirt he was covered with for a long time. I like how it feels after the rain. Cold and chilly, perfect for a bowl of indomie. We all love that legendary noodles aren’t we?

What do you like to do when it rains? I, myself, like to curled up under my blanket with my Air Conditioner on, read a book, watch movie, or just… existing. Not doing anything. Thinking. Contemplating. Sleeping.

(Sleep always comes best when it rains. Agree?)

Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t write much. I’ve been busy with… stuff. I’m still waiting for you to write me back, though. Don’t you ever think I forgot.

Sincerely yours,



Dear No One,

Is it wrong to wait?

You know, because I keep waiting for your reply even though I know it’s close to impossible; I’m writing to No One—a reply shouldn’t be something to be expected. Right?

I know, I know. Expectation is a cruel bastard. It is.

Now I feel stupid to wait for something I know would never happen.

But is it wrong to wait?

Sincerely (still) yours,



Dear No One,

I miss you, it’s scary.

I shouldn’t miss someone I have absolutely zero knowledge about.



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