#35 God is The Universe

Someone asked me once,

“Do you think God exist?”

I answered,

“I think It does”

They asked again,

“But where?”

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#29 Possibilities, Probabilities

Maybe we’re nothing

Maybe we’re something


Maybe it’s real

Probably it’s not


It could be infatuation

Or merely an excitement


Maybe it’ll heal

Most likely it’ll rot


There’s an endless possibility of us getting together,

But there’s more, of us going back without each other


Maybe then I can finally make sense of all those poems and sad songs,

Or maybe I just won’t,


Either way I will still write my own

And that’s the only thing I can surely count on


#28 A Girl Like Thunderstorm

At first glance you’ll notice her eyes

They’re dark and taunting

So dark you could feel your life was sucked into them




Eyes like a sky before storm


Then you’ll notice her smile

It’s bright and electrifying

It will shock the hell out of your system,

Leaving you fazed

Making you whimper


Smile like a jolt of thunder


Then you’ll start to see her

The way she moves

The way she glances

The way she smiles


She was everything but mild

She was nothing but wild


No hurricane will stop her,

For she was born to dance under



is a girl like thunderstorm


For my dearest babe, Soraya

I wish you all the grand things for this year ahead

Happiest birthday to you