#41 On Modern Romance: How Algorithm Fuck Us Up

So the conversation is great, they’re funny, and smart, and seem to understand all the inappropriate memes you sent them. Flirtation is thrown all over the room, and you are almost sure you’re going to nail this one.

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#22 Our Week

Mondays are for hurried goodbyes and I miss you’s text at 2pm

Tuesdays are for helping you with your tie and sudden calls at 9 cause you just feel like it

Wednesdays are for an impulsive movie date after office hours and large-sized caramel popcorn that I love

Thursdays are for midnight junk food takeaway and messy breakfast

Fridays are for picking me up and dinner at our favorite street-food stall

Saturdays are for bookstore date and coffee shop

And Sundays, Sundays are for barefoot morning in the kitchen and feeling okay with you


—How our week should’ve went